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Fresh off the Press


My Vision of The Healing Heart

I believe that all of us should live the life we want, the full and healthy life we are intended to have. I believe in living a heartfelt lifestyle in which we have balance in all areas of our lives.
This includes relationships, body, mind, work, family and spirit. All of these areas affect our overall well-being.
I am passionate about helping as many people as I can, about helping families like mine deal with the issues that life brings us when we are caregivers of individuals with special needs, whether it is a child, your parents or your partner. When we live a life as a caregiver, we often forget about our needs and about our care. I live this life. I am a caregiver and I know the challenges we face, the loneliness that is, in many cases, attached to being “The Caregiver,” the loss of identity as an individual!

I continue to grow my tribe, my friends, followers and team members, in which we share a common interest in being WHOLE again, to become better at what we do, to be recognized for what we do.


My Mission

“The Healing Heart reaches out to provide information and education with the purpose of helping you to practice self-care, offer encouragement, empowerment, as well as enlightenment to family caregivers from one who has been there and continues to be a caregiver.
I endeavour to provide the tools, strategies, and possibilities to help family members face the challenges of their daily lives. By providing a community, an understanding, and knowledge of a caregiver, for the purpose of allowing you and encouraging you to heal your heart.
I encourage and invite you to be part of this Vision… Join in, browse the articles and learn how you can take care of yourself, your family and your home, learn about the freedoms and independence I am offering.
Learn how to live a happy, healthy, abundant life.
Pull up a chair, take a break and pour a cup of tea and join in the conversation.”

With this, I invite you to be part of my vision and my life’s mission.


Thank You for reading