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The Healing Heart- Essential Oils,Nutrition and Health News

for St. John’s,

We have moved to St. John’s Nfld.

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Hi there!

Welcome to “The Healing Heart”

My name is Linda Gauthier and I’m an experienced health and wellness advocate, certified in nutrition, and I offer essential oil and nutrition classes for St. John’s families and caregivers.

I consider myself a Wellness Warrior, because of all the battles I have had to fight within the system for my special needs daughter. These battles are not limited to her medical needs, but also to physical, spiritual, and human rights. So what you will find on my blog will be a wide range of subjects with the aim of helping other families and individuals on their path to health and wellness in all areas.  The reason i have named my blog the Healing Heart is because I speak and write from the heart, I teach from the heart and I wish to touch your heart with my stories and articles which I hope will help to empower you and allow you to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

“My mission is to help mothers and families, whether young or old, to live a happy, healthy, abundant life. My goal is to reach out and serve others who have a similar path to follow. I speak from the heart, I teach from the heart and I wish to serve in a manner that will help others reach their goals of health and wellness as well as financial wellness.”

If you’re a mom who wants to learn more and do more for your family’s health and wellness, you’re in the right place.

Here’s where you can find information on essential oils and nutrition:

  • Articles that will educate, empower and inspire you to become a wellness wizard for yourself and your family
  • Learn essential oils uses
  • Where to buy essential oils
  • Why I buy essential oils and use them on a daily basis
  • Health tips
  • Nutrition updates and recipes
  • Monthly news + specials to power up your wellness journey
  • The opportunity to build an essential oil business, help others and earn an income from home in the process


Here is a thumbnail sketch of who I am and where I am coming from.

As I said my name is Linda and I’m married to my best friend and partner of over 30 years. I am a mother of three kids and the owner of one cat. However, you do know that it is the cat that owns us, right? My husband and I, and our youngest daughter along with our cat, all lived on the west coast of Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island. My heaven on earth. Our son is presently working and living in Melbourne, Australia, and his twin sister who met the man of her dreams is recently married and living on the east coast of Canada in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Update, our daughter is about to become a new mommy, we are about to become Grandparents for the first time, and we all have moved to St. John’s to be close to each other, for us there is nothing more important than family and we also love Newfoundland and St. John’s and look forward to making new friends and experiencing this beautiful province from one end to the other.

As you can see, my children are young adults now, but I thought I would share some of our family history with you. It is from our history that we rise or fall to be what we are today, and it is my belief that we, my family and myself, are forged from some pretty strong and sturdy stuff.

I had twins, a boy and a girl, born 3 months premature and then 11 months later, I had another beautiful baby girl. But our youngest was born with profound special needs, born with midline abnormalities which left her deaf and blind and unable to walk unassisted. Throughout my journey with my beautiful miss, I have endeavored to use natural remedies and essential oils to support her immune system wherever possible. The oils have also been used to broaden her world and to help her cope with her times of stress. As we get to know each other you will learn more about our family. She has just had her 28th birthday, not bad since we were told she was not likely to make it through her 1st year.

It has always been my mission to create a holistic lifestyle incorporating well-balanced nutrition and Naturopathic medicines in combination with western medicine when required. When we do need help from the medical system, we do so readily, because there are areas a warrior mom just cannot repair, such as broken bones or shunts. On a side note, though, they are always amazed at how small her medical file is. 🙂

Hey St. John’s if you are at all interested in health, essential oils or nutrition check this out!

As a wellness warrior, a seasoned entrepreneur, and an essential oil enthusiast, I feel I have some knowledge to share with you. I am also certified in nutrition and furthering my online studies with Wageningen University in Norway. I am passionate about empowering other mothers and families who are on the same quest to achieve success.

So I am giving a shout out to everyone in  the St.John’s area if you are interested in your health st. John’s, essential oils, or in lifestyle and nutrition this is where you can find information and a willing ear to try answer your questions.

I look forward to our time together, talk to you soon